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    Company profile

         Gansu HengYue Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd is located in Tianshui, which is usually called as"SmallJiangnan in Northwest China. (Jiangnan refers to the areas south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze river.) Its scope of business extends to cover such areas as developing, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical equipment, food equipment and their spare parts, development and research as well as manufacturing and marketing of granule-producing machine, installment and overhaul of equipment. Our company has 18 engineering technicians, 10managers, 10 salesmen, 5 persons in finance department and 145 frontline workers. Owing to reasonable setup of sectors,superior technical condition of workers, strong comprehensive working ability of equipment, We have powerful capacity of research and development, manufacture and sales.

    TCM(traditional Chinese medicine) pelleting machine of ZWJ series our company manufactures is playing an important role in water-bindered pill production line of big pharmaceutical factories throughout the country, especially in water-hindered pill manufacturing of Tibetan medicine, Mongolian medicine, Uighur medicine with outstanding effect. Our products of pelleting and granulation series have made breakthroughs in fields of pharmacy, chemical industry and food. So far, our company has obtained 15 product patents of pelleting machine and applied for 20 patents. Well strive for establishing a large-scale enterprise integrated manufacturing with learning and research.

    As a rapid growing enterprise, we have industrial advantages, our own products of potential, rich experience of manufacturing and operating, enterprise team of united struggling, stable and reliable operating achievements of many years,broad market prospect as well as ample development space. It is steadily progressing, full of vitality.



    • New-type Automatic Watered-pill Making Machine

      Main Application ZWJ-S-II New-type Automatic Watered-pill Making Machine is the large-scale pill making machine which is on the basis of marketing requirement, experience from producing traditional Chinese medicine pill making machine for many yea and custom...
    • Automatic double row bar pill making machine

      Main functio ZWJ-Z-ⅡAutomatic double row bar pill making machine is a newest product based on custome’suggestio and our company’s rich experience in making TCM( Traditional Chinese Medicine) pill making machines, which are suitable for production of pills...
    • Automatic Midsize Watered-pill Making Machine

      Main Application ZWJ-T Table type Traditional Chinese Medicine Pill Making Machine can produce honey pill, condeed pill, water honey pill and water pill. The machine is small volume, low energy coumption, high efficiency, low noise, non- population, easy op...
    • Automatic Four Rolle Watered-pill Making Machine

      Main ApplicationZWJ-S Automatic Four Roller Watered-pill Making Machine is patented product in our company. It mainly uses to produce various specificatio of Chinese traditional medicine pill. This equipment is suitable to produce the small and big honey pill,...
    • Automatic Two Rolle Big Honey Pill Making Machine

      Main ApplicationZWJ-DM Automatic Two Rolle Big Honey Pill Making Machine is a new research and development national patented product in our company. The bar making and pill twisting are done by one motor. The structure is simple, operation is convenient and ou...
    • Automatic Traditional Chinese Medicine Pill Making Machine

      Main Application ZWJ-M Automatic Traditional Chinese Medicine Pill Making Machine is the large-scale traditional Chinese medicine pill making machine which is the highest production efficiency machine in domestic and oveeas at present. It can produce pill d...

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