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    New-type Automatic Watered-pill Making Machine

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    Main Application

          ZWJ-S-II New-type Automatic Watered-pill Making Machine is the large-scale pill making machine which is on the basis of marketing requirement, experience from producing traditional Chinese medicine pill making machine for many years and customers’ suggestions. We research and develop this newest equipment to product soft material (organic or inorganic material) plasticity which is mixed to paste type.

    This machine also can use to product various spherical pill and rotator special pills such as ellipse pill, drum type pill, flat drum type pill, and cylindrical bar pill. There are different sizes for customer’s option.

    Working Principle

      Put the mixing and refining uniform medicinal paste material into the Pill Making Machine hopper. With the rolling and squeezing of the turning plate and the function of the propeller, the medicinal bars are squeezed from the material mouths on two sides. When the medicinal bars reach a certain length, it will be cut by the automatic cutter and feed by the moving bar plate to twist and roll. The making bar turning plate, moving bar plate and twister roller speed can be adjusted easily. Customer can easy adjust the bar length and the twisting bar speed on the basis of the material character.


    1. This machine is with reasonable structure, stable function, low noise, simple operation and high automaticity. Maintain and clean are convenience and production efficiency is high. The whole is stainless steel and in accordance with GMP authentication requirements.

    2. It just needs to change different twist roller to fit different size pill which called Master Machine.

    3. Pelletizing cutting wheel uses the special material which is totally accordance with GMP authentication requirements. It is easy handling, no pollution and long service life. With special fabrication processing, it works without sticking pill, alcohol, power spreading, and oil dropping. The produced pill is smoothbright and round.

    4. The pill forms at one time with uniform size and small difference weight. The rate of finished products is more than 98%. Disintegration is good, in line with national pharmacopoeia standards.

    Technical Parameters


    Pill Diameter




    Overall Dimension










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